Hastily Marking Territories

In any form of architecture, once dissected exists an underlying ideology.  The irony here then is revealed in a cultural and educational institution that advocates creativity, social progressiveness, and acceptance that lacks an architectural and design consideration towards gender issues. The gestures which we can perhaps take then is a symbolic petition, a message in a bottle that hopefully finds it way to those who will read it.  Hastily Marking Territories simultaneously provides a temporary fix as well as aiming its intentions towards a new future, symbolically and pragmatically.

Medium: Portable toilet, sand, rubble, paper, pen, plastic bottles, vinyl
Date: 2015

A fully functional portable toilet labeled as Gender Inclusive is placed upon sand and rubble from the Great Northern Way Complex ( future site of Emily Carr University campus). After the duration of the exhibition, the sand and rubble and the bottled messages are returned to the Great Northern Way Complex.

Provided in the portable toilet is a notepad with a pen. Visitors are encouraged to write messages towards the institution, one which the institution will never read. The messages left are added into plastic bottles and placed around the toilet. They are to be placed along with the borrowed sand and rubble at the site of the new Emily Carr University campus at Great Northern Way.