Community Cabinet

Community Cabinet explores the shifting of physical spaces due to political and economic concerns. The project re-purposes the exhibition space into an integral function of an institution, a storage facility. Modifying notions of exhibitions and their tendency to flatten contexts and claim neutrality. Alleviating storage spaces, a territory of contestation where student bodies compete for increasingly limited spaces. This project subsumes the gallery space into a conceptual critique while  simultaneously serving practical purpose. All students, staffs, and faculties are invited to store their works in the exhibition in the cabinets and dividers provided for the duration of the exhibition.

Medium: installation
Date: 2016
collaborators: Yifan Jiang

Cabinets as a political term originates from the name of a small and private room, and consequently adapted to describe an advice given in private to the monarchy in the late 16th century. Here we have an inverse where a cabinet is open to the public. Displayed is the integral part in the functioning of an establishment. Everyone is welcome, Food and beverages are provided.

Accompanying the Community Cabinet is a “cabinet meeting” where all students, staffs, and faculties are welcomed to a round table discussion on March 23rd, 2016. The meeting consists of no overarching agenda combating dominant ideologies that is enforced with the regulation of content allowed to circulate in a meeting space.

Community Cabinet is produced in collaboration with YiFan Jiang and on exhibition at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada.