Dealer’s Remorse

The figure of the Dealer as Contemporary Art's Atlas.

The artist performs as an art dealer. An antidote to traditional modes of production, the systems which sustain contemporary art and subsequently its market is art onto itself. Providing support to his contemporaries the artist bears the burden of being their dealer, shouldering their works. A Greek figure of tragedy is punished to hold the celestial sphere, he is what separates the heavens from the earth, the myth from reality. The separation of the pure artist devoid of capitalistic tendencies and the reality of selling one’s work is embodied in the dealer. One who bears the burden of saving oneself ironically also in turn saves the world.

Date: 2018
Medium: Light Jet on Metallic Print
Dimensions: 20 x 24 in.

(original work / Lotus, Valerie Liu)

Ongoing performance in which the artist acts as a dealer for his contemporaries. Adopting the stance of AtlasĀ he carries the work for photographic documentation, the photograph is then framed and is available for purchase. The work is priced proportional to the original work dependent on the size. Profits are distributed to the original works’ artists.