Art Voucher

Invest in the idea of the emerging artist.

A voucher is produced by the artist and is available for purchase.
Upon doing so, one has the option to redeem it for an artwork by the artist that has yet to be made. Expiration dates of the vouchers are as written with the price of these vouchers escalating exponentially for each.

Work was for sale at Emily Carr’s Student Art Sale in 2015.

Medium: Paper, Gold Leaf, Ink
Date: 2015

“Can’t decide on a gift for your special someone?   Peers don’t approve of modernist paintings? Parents don’t appreciate your last student sale purchase?   Why decide under the rush … Or are you an investor? venture capitalist? Do you believe in the potential of an Emily Carr graduate? … Presenting Art Voucher.  Invest now for “creativity is our greatest natural resource”
( Emily Carr University ).”